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[crack-attack-devel] CMake patch

From: Hugo Parente Lima
Subject: [crack-attack-devel] CMake patch
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 05:35:51 -0200

I started to use git, is nice.

This patch add cmake scripts and fix compile problems in Music.cxx and
Sound.cxx (using std classes without namespace).
Is basically the same I sent to Andrew... but here all in one patch,
thanks to git.

P.S.: What encoding you are using in the source files? I'm using UTF-8
and when I modify Music.cxx and Sound.cxx I had some problems with
some characters of the author name as you can see in the patch.

Hugo Parente Lima
"Precisamos de mais gĂȘnios humildes no mundo, hoje somos poucos!"
JID: address@hidden

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