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Re: coreutils-9.1.198-e68b1.tar.xz on Cygwin

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: coreutils-9.1.198-e68b1.tar.xz on Cygwin
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2023 00:35:49 +0100

On Cygwin 2.9.0 (64-bit mode), there are 28 test failures:

FAIL: tests/rm/cycle
FAIL: tests/chmod/no-x
FAIL: tests/rm/fail-eacces
FAIL: tests/rm/inaccessible
FAIL: tests/rm/rm1
FAIL: tests/rm/rm2
FAIL: tests/chgrp/no-x
FAIL: tests/misc/env
FAIL: tests/misc/md5sum-bsd
FAIL: tests/misc/paste
FAIL: tests/misc/shred-remove
FAIL: tests/misc/tee
FAIL: tests/misc/timeout-group
FAIL: tests/cp/fail-perm
FAIL: tests/cp/preserve-mode
FAIL: tests/df/df-symlink
FAIL: tests/dd/direct
FAIL: tests/du/inacc-dest
FAIL: tests/du/no-x
FAIL: tests/mv/force
FAIL: tests/mv/into-self-4
FAIL: tests/mv/perm-1
FAIL: tests/readlink/can-e
FAIL: tests/readlink/can-f
FAIL: tests/readlink/can-m
FAIL: tests/readlink/multi
FAIL: tests/tail-2/follow-stdin
FAIL: tests/tail-2/pipe-f

Find attached the log file.

Attachment: cygwin-test-suite.log.gz
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