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Re: coreutils-9.1.198-e68b1.tar.xz on Hurd

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: coreutils-9.1.198-e68b1.tar.xz on Hurd
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2023 00:32:33 +0100

On Hurd/i686, there are 18 failures:

FAIL: tests/misc/ls-misc
FAIL: tests/misc/wc-proc
FAIL: tests/misc/env-S
FAIL: tests/misc/factor-parallel
FAIL: tests/misc/nice
FAIL: tests/misc/stat-slash
FAIL: tests/cp/parent-perm-race
FAIL: tests/cp/sparse-to-pipe
FAIL: tests/cp/special-f
FAIL: tests/df/df-symlink
FAIL: tests/df/unreadable
FAIL: tests/dd/bytes
FAIL: tests/ls/dangle
FAIL: tests/ls/follow-slink
FAIL: tests/ls/hyperlink
FAIL: tests/ls/infloop
FAIL: tests/ls/inode
FAIL: tests/ls/selinux-segfault

In the test tests/cp/sparse-to-pipe, a process ('cp sparse pipe') was hanging;
I killed it so that "make check" could continue.

Find attached the log file.

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