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Re: classpath ./ChangeLog java/util/AbstractMap.jav...

From: Bryce McKinlay
Subject: Re: classpath ./ChangeLog java/util/AbstractMap.jav...
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 13:38:54 +1300
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Eric Blake wrote:

Isn't the point of the* tree to hold the implementation and
helper classes not publicly specified?

Yes, but it is its often not possible to put helper classes in a different package, because they will often require package-private access to the classes which they are "helping". I think it is pretty ugly to have private classes segregated into different packages, except for the APIs which are clearly designed to separate interface from implementation.

And so, with BasicMapEntry, my choice was to move it
to (and make everything in the class public, which could
be a nightmare if someone used reflection to modify it), or to move it
to be an inner class.  And besides, since Map.Entry is a nested class,
it makes sense to have AbstractMap.BasicMapEntry be one as well.

I think having it as an inner class is fine. I just don't agree with your reason for changing it ;-)



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