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Re: [cjk] The fixed-up script and the fixed Noto type 1 fonts.

From: Thorsten
Subject: Re: [cjk] The fixed-up script and the fixed Noto type 1 fonts.
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2017 05:55:05 -0400

Hello Hin-Tak,

after some days being more or less offline now I had a short time to go
online and test things.

1. I downloaded and unpacked the files from http://htl10.users.sf.net/f
ixed-nose.tar.bz2. for a first, quick test (I hope to have more time
the next days). First I tried to it under Windows, there I was told,
the file is corrupt. But repeating under Ubuntu worked like a charm.

2. Under Windows I put the *.pfb files into the appropriate directory.
Still  chinese characters are missing. Then I put the *.tfm files into
the appropriate directory. Still  chinese characters are missing. Then
I replaced my old nose.map with your dvips-psfonts.map.add. I ran
mktexlsr and updmap-sys. Still  chinese characters are missing. I
attach the last generated PDF. For example in the second, third and
last line characters are missing (by the way: Do you rather call them
characters or signs?).

3. I noticed the following: You sent me via http://htl10.users.sf.net/f
ixed-nose.tar.bz2  359 nose*.pfb and 359 nosex*.pfb files as well as
the same number of *.tfm files. But in dvips-psfonts.map.add 417 *.pfb
files each are listed. Is that a discrepancy or is it normal? 

Before I leave for work now, a few additional notes:

4. Thank you for your hint, that NotoCJK Serif and Adobe Source CJK
Serif are not quite the same! If I understand you right, the Adobe
fonts seem to be the more complete ones? So I should use them in

5. I feel the same as you about Noto-Medium being too thick. The
chinese signs stick out of my text being much darker in the moment.
When before starting I looked at the font in a viewer, the signs looked
thinner than the font Palatino I use as my main font. I would have
changed that already, had I not run into much bigger problems. Now that
should be one of my next tasks... ;-)))

6. For installing freetype under Ubuntu it seems to be sufficient to

sudo apt-get install libfreetype6

So I hope to be ready for doing more the next days...


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