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Re: [cjk] texlive svn write access Fw: Re: revisiting ttf2tfm and dvipdf

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [cjk] texlive svn write access Fw: Re: revisiting ttf2tfm and dvipdfmx
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 21:33:44 +0200 (CEST)

>> I don't agree at all.  Everybody should either throw away these
>> broken font files or get them fixed (with a hex editor or
>> otherwise).
> That's probably why fewer and fewer people are using TeX. CJK fonts
> of unusual typefaces are difficult to come by.  Not everybody have
> the knowledge/know-hows to change these fonts in the necessary way
> (and minimally).  You are trying to punish users for wanting to do
> in TeX what they can do with some "easier" typesetting systems.

While I think that Peter's reaction is exaggerated, he has a point.
(And you too, Hin-Tak :-) However, the `post' problem is harmless and
shouldn't happen with FreeType 2.

>> You should get the current TeX Live svn, build the FreeType 2
>> Version, and repeat the test with that one.  I have just tried that
>> for 32bit with no problems.
> It isn't really my intention to spend more time on this than
> necessary.  I think this exchange is discouraging enough I don't
> want to spend time going off in that direction.

Hin-Tak, everything is voluntary work, and Peter does a great job in
improving *a lot* of stuff within TeXLive.  ttf2tfm is just a small
part of it, and given that a new version will be available soon, I can
fully understand that he is not willing to invest time to fix a bug of
a program which will be soon completely obsolete.

>> This is definitely inside libttf, not much we can do about.
> "can't" or "won't"?

Both, I reckon.  Being the FreeType maintainer, I certainly will *not*
fix any bugs in FreeType 1.


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