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Re: Partial automation of egg dependencies

From: Lassi Kortela
Subject: Re: Partial automation of egg dependencies
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 10:25:41 +0200
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I think I understand the problem, but I'm not sure I understand the
solution (I'm probably missing something). :-)

* Regarding the usability problem mentioned, I still don't see how a
   user could easily see all the dependencies of an egg if the egg file
   has only `(auto-dependencies)'.

* Regarding the problem related to salmonella reports, I suppose
   salmonella would have to rely on some file emitted by chicken-install
   to be able to figure out dependencies.

* Regarding the import problem, another thing to keep in mind is that we
   don't have a 1-1 mapping between egg and module names.  Module names
   don't have to be the same as egg names and one egg might ship zero,
   one or multiple modules.  If you have `(import foo)' it doesn't mean
   that the `foo' module is shipped by an egg called `foo'.

* How can `auto-dependencies' deal with egg versions?

Sorry, I was probably being unclear. The idea is to only auto-detect dependencies between components of the same egg.

Dependencies between eggs would still be written manually. (Perhaps the groveler could also help detect when you forgot to specify some of them in the .egg file. But it wouldn't be smart enough to figure them out by itself.)

In any case, yes - there would have to be some command to view the expanded dependencies.

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