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[Chicken-users] A proposal for egg category reassignment

From: Ivan Raikov
Subject: [Chicken-users] A proposal for egg category reassignment
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 12:51:29 +0900
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Hi all,

   It seems that the egg categories "Uncategorized or invalid" and
"Miscellaneous" have swelled quite a bit since the last time there was a
major reorganization.

   So I propose to reassign the categories of the eggs listed below to
what I like to believe are more sensible categories. If an egg belongs
to you, and you do NOT want me to change the category, please let me
know within a week or so. If you think a different category is a better
match, then please let me know as well. Thanks,


Proposed egg category reorganization:

Eggs in "Uncategorized or invalid category":

aes -> Cryptography
crypto-tools -> Cryptography
embedded-test -> Unit-testing
format-compiler/format-compiler-base -> Input/Output
freetds -> Databases
kalaha -> Miscellaneous
hmac -> Cryptography
sets -> Algorithms and data-structures
simple-logging -> Input/Output
ssql -> Databases
ssql-postgresql -> Databases

Eggs in "Miscellaneous":

condition-utils -> Language extensions
dsssl-utils -> Language extensions
efax -> Networking
error-utils -> Language extensions
expand-full -> Language extensions
hashes -> Algorithms and data-structures
latch -> Language extensions
posix-utils -> OS interface
procedure-decoration -> Language extensions
s48-modules -> Language extensions
smsmatrix -> Networking
shell -> Tools
srfi-34 -> Language extensions
stalin -> Code generation
variable-item -> Language extensions

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