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[Chicken-users] sorted? bug?

From: Paul Colby
Subject: [Chicken-users] sorted? bug?
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 20:13:39 -0700


I noticed what I feel is an incorrect behavior for the function sorted?
My understanding is that (sorted? list test) should return #t if pairwise
the elements of list (test e-n e-n+1) is true for all n. However, I get 
the following I think rather odd behavior using 4.7.0 interpreted,

   (sorted? '(1 2 3) < )  is #t. good so far
   (sorted? '(1 1 3) <)   is #t  but should be #f since (< 1 1) is #f 
   (sorted? '(1 1 3) <=) is #f  but should be #t since (<= 1 1) is #t

Am I missing something? 

BTW- Chicken is truly awesome !!!

Paul Colby

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