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[Chicken-users] valgrind - more details

From: Jörg F . Wittenberger
Subject: [Chicken-users] valgrind - more details
Date: 05 Oct 2011 18:03:08 +0200

I managed to narrow the valgrind complaint's scope:

Try as a test:

valgrind --log-file=/tmp/ --track-origins=yes csi -e "(vector 'a 'b)"

The result in /tmp/ looks good.

However try:

valgrind --log-file=/tmp/ --track-origins=yes csi -e "42"

and run into an example of the problem like this:

==13112== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) ==13112== at 0x510393E: C_a_i_string_to_number (in /home/jfw/build/Scheme/chicken-askemos/debian/tmp/usr/lib/ ==13112== by 0x4EF4943: f_9002r (in /home/jfw/build/Scheme/chicken-askemos/debian/tmp/usr/lib/ ==13112== by 0x4EF4B06: f_9002 (in /home/jfw/build/Scheme/chicken-askemos/debian/tmp/usr/lib/ ==13112== by 0x4EBC149: f_13581 (in /home/jfw/build/Scheme/chicken-askemos/debian/tmp/usr/lib/ ==13112== by 0x4EEFC54: f_13566 (in /home/jfw/build/Scheme/chicken-askemos/debian/tmp/usr/lib/ ==13112== by 0x4EED615: f_7307 (in /home/jfw/build/Scheme/chicken-askemos/debian/tmp/usr/lib/ ==13112== by 0x50DF742: allocate_vector_2 (in /home/jfw/build/Scheme/chicken-askemos/debian/tmp/usr/lib/ ==13112== by 0x5102975: C_allocate_vector (in /home/jfw/build/Scheme/chicken-askemos/debian/tmp/usr/lib/ ==13112== by 0x4ECA36E: f_7155r (in /home/jfw/build/Scheme/chicken-askemos/debian/tmp/usr/lib/ ==13112== by 0x4ED5DB9: f_7155 (in /home/jfw/build/Scheme/chicken-askemos/debian/tmp/usr/lib/ ==13112== by 0x4EECE1E: f_7294 (in /home/jfw/build/Scheme/chicken-askemos/debian/tmp/usr/lib/ ==13112== by 0x4EBC630: f_13773 (in /home/jfw/build/Scheme/chicken-askemos/debian/tmp/usr/lib/ ==13112== Uninitialised value was created by a stack allocation ==13112== at 0x4014795: _dl_runtime_resolve (dl-trampoline.S:42)

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