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Re: [Chicken-users] valgrind

From: Alex Queiroz
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] valgrind
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2011 10:15:43 +0200


On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 10:25 PM, Jörg F. Wittenberger
<address@hidden> wrote:
> The pattern is to allocate some space on the stack, fill stuff in,
> eventually jump to the continuation.  GC will only happen during the
> jump, not within the time between allocation and assignment of initial
> values.  (Beware: It's my reading of source!)

As I remember, at every entry point of the generated C functions there
is a test for the height of the C stack so far. If the size (height *
sizeof(C_word)) is bigger than the current nursery size, a GC occurs.
At every other point alloca is supposed to succeed.


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