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[Chicken-users] valgrind

From: Jörg F . Wittenberger
Subject: [Chicken-users] valgrind
Date: 29 Sep 2011 21:38:44 +0200

I'm still asking myself why I can't run chicken program under valgrind.

Since there's a lot going on at this time I'm about to forget.
Hence here an update for those who care and the archive.

I've traced the call coming from irregex.c down to valgrind complaining
as soon as *all-chars* value is accessed.

(I did not yet come around to prepare a test case where I'd only
cons up a random list (or a list of char's - wild guess) and see if
I can sync valgrind's output enough to verify that it will complain
on code which is supposed to work at all counts.)

(The back of my head now might be about to forget that a less expensive
implementations of charset and their merges might be obvious; even in
R5RS Scheme.  Right now they are a pretty nice test case to see how
much a few instructions shaved from the cons operation would speed up the
program initialization over all.)

Furthermore I'd know that chicken might to weird things to the stack.
Maybe valgrind was just a bad choice.  Wild guess again.

But as far as I understand valgrind so far (which is close to nothing
at all), it would instrument then executable code only.

Given that I see access to uninitialized memory resulting from stack
allocation - I wonder: maybe valgrind is right?

Now, at this time it my memory consumption issue does not appear.
Real work is pressing.  I'll not find the time to dig deeper into
these things any time soon.

Except if I'm wrong about the "does not appear".


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