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Re: [Chicken-users] [ANN] SRFI-99 record types for CHICKEN

From: Thomas Chust
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] [ANN] SRFI-99 record types for CHICKEN
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011 08:31:02 +0200


the ordering of syntax patterns in the definition of define-record-constructor is wrong, so the case with only a constructor name gets selected instead of that with an argument list :-/

I will fix this, of course.


When C++ is your hammer, every problem looks like your thumb!

08.09.2011 07:47 schrieb am "John Cowan" <address@hidden>:

Thomas Chust scripsit:

> that's strange, I can't reproduce the problem here, everything looks
> fine in this respect (note...

Ah.  I forgot to say I was talking about the syntactic module.
Try (make-record-type foo (make-foo a b) foo? (a foo-a) (b foo-b)),
and then invoke (make-foo 1 2).

> You can always do that by explicitly specifying the uid, for example
> like this:
> (define-...

Ah, I didn't know that worked.  It's not part of SRFI-99, but it's a good

> I'm not sure this warrants a specialized macro.

I agree.

> Sounds like a really good idea! The implementation will have to
> wait for a few days, though, wh...


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