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Re: [Chicken-users] Objective-C interface (sort of...)

From: Thomas Chust
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] Objective-C interface (sort of...)
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 13:35:37 -0000
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Am 24.11.2005, 07:42 Uhr, schrieb felix winkelmann <address@hidden>:

I've started trying to come up with an Objective-C interface, attached
my current efforts. Still highly experimental and incomplete.
Comments are welcome, patches and extensions even more.
Defining ObjC classes inside Scheme (or Proxy objects to be
more specific) should be possible, but I'm still pondering how
to create a NSMethodSignature instance from the forwarded
selector only...


some weeks ago, I had set out to do ObjC wrappers (for Apple's runtime) as
well, but didn't finish them to my satisfaction. Nevertheless I have some
(hopefully useful) remarks:
  * One could get rid of the lazy-ffi dependency (which is currently pre-
    venting me from testing the egg) by using the objc_msgSendv family of
    functions instead of the objc_msgSend family
  * To create an NSMethodSignature you should be able to just use the
    - (NSMethodSignature *)methodSignatureForSelector:(SEL)aSelector
+ (NSMethodSignature *)instanceMethodSignatureForSelector:(SEL)aSelector
    methods provided by the NSObject class.
  * When I tried to create new ObjC classes from Scheme, which is really
    necessary when you want to do any useful GUI Programming for example,
    I ran into big trouble as the ObjC runtime functions apparently do
    *not* behave as documented in that area. For example, the supplied
    usage examples in the Apple Documentation do not work at all. Looking
    around on the net, I found out, that the PyObjC developers have been
    complaining about the same problem. At that point I decided to give up
    the project for lack of time to reverse engineer Apples runtime and to
    study PyObjC's guts.


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