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[Chicken-users] Callback nightmare

From: Pupeno
Subject: [Chicken-users] Callback nightmare
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 01:03:48 -0300
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I am tring to make some clean bindings for Gtk+ and I don't know how to handle 
the callbacks.
I have this procedure:

(define g-signal-connect-raw
  (foreign-lambda integer "g_signal_connect" c-pointer c-string c-pointer 

which can connect a widget's signal to another procedure, but that other 
procedure has to be created like this:

  (hello (gtk-widget widget)
         (gpointer data))
  (print "Hello, world"))

so, I though about making a g-signal-connect which would take any procedure 
and wrap it around the callback-safe lambda. But for that I have to know the 
parameters to code them and I do not. This is another valid Gtk callback:

  (delete_event (gtk-widget widget)
                (gdk-event event)
                (gpointer data) )
  (print "delete event occurred")

According to the manual, they are of the form

void callback_func( GtkWidget *widget,
                    ... /* other signal arguments */
                    gpointer   callback_data );

So, I can't make a dynamic callback generator around a standard Scheme 
procedure, can I ?

For the curious I am attaching what I have so far.

Thank you.
Pupeno <address@hidden> (

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