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[Chicken-users] FastCGI?

From: Giovanni Pensa
Subject: [Chicken-users] FastCGI?
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 22:56:08 +0200

Hi.  I'm doing some CGI scripts with Chicken.  I'd like to also test
it with FastCGI, because some web hosting providers (like Dreamhost or
TextDrive) have started to support it.  (If you can use Ruby, you can
use Chicken...)

I haven't found an egg, just some code for Gauche, and some for Clisp.
 Also a fastcgi proxy.  Is there anything more?  I've been looking at
the libfcgi C library, and I'll try to interface to it.  But I've long
forgotten C...  Hints?

While in a "housing" solution, how does Spiffy go?  Any experience,
benchmarks, opinions about it?  How could it compare with a
fastcgi/scgi solution?  I see two mod_ solutions (Perl and PHP),
losing popularity against fastcgi/scgi solutions (PHP, Ruby, Python)
and only a few HTTP solutions (Lisp/Araneida, Python/Zope).  I
understand a Common Lisp server, but maybe scheme is better suited for
"scripts". But Chicken can also be compiled, so I'm a bit confused. 


Giovanni Pensa

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