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[Chicken-users] New Zealand fooled by smarmy traitor G.E. right-wing med

From: Green New Zealand
Subject: [Chicken-users] New Zealand fooled by smarmy traitor G.E. right-wing media
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 03:10:02 +1200

The Second Genesis of all life is from Satan -  Genetic Engineering is American 
death-branding  of our food.( that should rattle  right-wing media cages)
The Media in New Zealand is run by A SMALL BUNCH OF MEAN SELFISH SUPER-RICH 
and hard  dominatrix women, a cult, the New Order religion, all black candles 
and sour incense,  that we are never allowed to criticise, and who really are 
the main party that rules us, and who cannot be voted out!. 
This is the New Order Moral Majority.  Three strikes and you are out nazis.
They really hate our little kiwi boy-taggers- the only underground New Zealand 
has left. Tagging is a sign of alienation, grief and mental breakdown and the 
LAST little protest left in our young. And no wonder! Taggers never tag greeny 
hoardings  though!  Discuss at  (HOSTED BY FRANCE FOR YOUR 

 So "Eyes Wide Shut" -Media GO!  BEGONE! YOU ARE NECROPHILIAC death lovers. We 
conjure you ..We order you! GO!

Why is the New Zealand media this craven coward that refuses to acknowledge the 
Zionist APARTHEID on  Palestine's Arabs? Add your own topic at There is also a super-fast chat for swapping phone numbers 
links etc or  um flirting...why not?
 Chat here:    GE food coming - 
the final obscenity! More of our children will kill themselves?
Even Archbishop Desmond Tutu has said that that big Zionist apartheid wall is a 
shocker and it represents APARTHEID.. 

Why is the media doing such a deliberately late look at the final solution on 
our food:frankestein GE food and SUICIDE seeds from America. You have to buy 
them - every year! They suicide - really. THE PERFECT SCAM! -SURE BEATS MEDIA 
NZ is nearly sunk! Stinking lakes now, then soon this stinking  GE - the 
America-Monsanto final solution we do not need it!
Why is MOST of the media saying it is too late to change Helen Craft from GE?  
That is a damn audacious lie by the media.   is  the brave little  hikoi, that 
the limp-wrist lame media ignore.

elect Peter Dunne over Jeanette Fitsimmon!! Nazi trick.

Why is Paul Holmes (TVDUMB- Radio1ZB- NZ-Herald)  not opening all that up, if 
he is not a closet fascist.? Rather talk about goldfish or gay Sydney 
As a writer for the newspapers he is very very anti-green.
Why do so  many in the media act like our censoring  Kapo guards?  Sold out to the American Dream-Nightmare?
Why did the media make us copy America and get so sick, obese and diabetic 
and CRIMINAL!  Do  they want a Police State? Three Strikes Chris Fletcher will 
be pushed for mayor by the media next time around. Believe it! And wake up. It 
is not too late.

If you don't want a police state, on diabetes insulin drip and GE modified and 
force-fed pap biased news from nazi America - no free speech - no BBC news EVEN 
-- then use our  free speech.. to get back our freedoms and 
organise  RESISTANCE against the right wing radicals!  They include all of the 
political parties except the greens. (even protest T-Shirts get banned in the 
USA now)

TONIGHT  (tues Sept 2, 2003) the anti-green  FASCISTS  Pam Corkery and Barry 
Soper (both spawned in Radio Pacific)  on TV Dumb  said quote " Jeanette 
Fitzimmons talks a lot of EXCREMENT." Is not 
excrement.  is all true and Pam should get in touch with her true 
womanhood and stop playing with the naughty boys.
If the greens don't take this insult up with the Broadcasting Tribunal then 
they deserve their ridiculously low 6%.
Later we could look at the mental fitness of those who presently rule us.  
Media and politicians.  A symbiosis? An incestuous Nepotism? Spin? Traitorous? 
Vichy? Pays well but!
And ironically - look also at those who purport to challenge those who rule us, 
ie "the official protest", that abides none other and is too middle-class by 

Does forgoing the pleasure of motherhood make some women quite mad.... mad 
enough to revenge on Gaia the Earth Mother thing..?  Her very seeds??  And 
annually opt to buy in frankenstein  seeds , from America, THE GREAT SEED SATAN?
Do gruff-pants Prime Minister Helen Clark and her obese  Minister of the 
Environment Marian Hobbs dress up  in Marilyn Manson gear AND GO  chanting with 
media mates Ralston,  Fraser, Holmes, Woodham, Corkery, Smith and all talkback 

 "Kill the Seed! Die the Seed!  Suicide Seed! - Monsanto is our God and there 
is no other!
 Suicide Seed! Suicide Seed!  May all the babies split asunder! Thunder! 
 Kill all the wombs of the barley, wheat and mother! Especially the 

""Since 1920 we have lost around 90% of our vegetable seed, around 85% of the 
fruit varieties and our flowers are going fast. They are extinct, 
irretrievable."" Anyone care? No? Are GE SUICIDE SEEDS going to make it worse? 
Is all this what makes our kids suicide?  Almost certainly when added to junk 
food and violence DEATH films from the Bush evil axis and pushed by our sick 
strange media on our children.
opt out or opt in of this newsletter is up to you and it makes it more 
legal.... harrumph. 
 Send any hate hissy fits about this email to  the boys at    address@hidden  
Send love and support for us to address@hidden     Enjoy the war!  What did you 
do in the war Daddy?  Mummy?  Get motivated! Ring address@hidden ring ring ring 
your local talkback radio. Ring 197 first to be anonymous, do voice and name 
changes when you get cut off, ring again! Overcome your middle-class distate of 
the milieu. Our children's lives are on the line!  So chalk on! Win for once! 
250.000 people are listening and need the truth.  It is just exactly what good 
old Jesus would do.  "No GE in my loaves and fishes Monsanto-America!" er saith 
the lord,  new reformed Bible.  And the Torah. and the Holy Koran.  SWAP PHONE 
And our own Peter Jackson,  please team up with american patriot Michael Moore 
of "Bowling for Columbine" fame. Leave the Hollywood model. It's crap.  and 
Xena please get a true kiwi makeover, sweet thing. History will remember you. A 
real Boadicea that helped saved her people not sold them out.

Please Note:  We are not with any groups or parties. All links are not ours. 
...except which  the patriotic can chalk and join.(any name is OK)
Unsubsribe is at   address@hidden 
..Put the word unsubscribe in the subject and body of your email to unsubscribe 
and be all alone and individual again. Er ...Good Luck if you do...  PLEASE 
FORWARD TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS THIS email for a victory over our crass stupid evil 
traitor-bullies - the few that presently rule us - who we TOGETHER, - outnumber 
them millions.  KIA ORA  AROHA  STAY COOL.

"All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." 
  --  Edmund Burke

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