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Re: [certi-dev] Problem building CERTI on Mac OS X

From: John Tipper
Subject: Re: [certi-dev] Problem building CERTI on Mac OS X
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2011 12:53:54 +0100

Hi Eric & Mark,

Thanks very much for the suggestions: I can get CERTI to compile for Mac OSX 10.6 by means of the "-flat_namespace -undefined suppress" flags.  However, when I reference RTIException within my code I get a crash due to a symbol not being found.

Specifically, I am attempting to run an XPlane plugin based on an existing plugin that I have written that works absolutely fine (it's just a very simple "Hello world" type of plugin).  However, as soon as I reference RTIException the plugin crashes due to the symbol not being found.

The offending code:

//federate = new AlphaGenericHLAFederate();  
// has been commented out to prove to me that this statement is not the issue


// if I comment out the following catch block then there is no problem
catch ( RTI::Exception &e) 
// handle error here
// end of offending code

catch (...) 
// further error handling

If I comment out the  catch ( RTI::Exception &e) section then the plugin works just fine.  If I keep it in, then the X-Plane error log shows:

dlerror:dlopen(/X-Plane_9/Resources/plugins/XPlaneHLAPlugin/mac.xpl, 9): Symbol not found: __ZTIN3RTI9ExceptionE
  Referenced from: /X-Plane_9/Resources/plugins/XPlaneHLAPlugin/mac.xpl
  Expected in: flat namespace
 in /X-Plane_9/Resources/plugins/XPlaneHLAPlugin/mac.xpl

Essentially, from what I can see, this is XPlane's way of saying that the required code hasn't been found, and I guess this will have been because the "-undefined suppress" flag has allowed the CERTI library to compile and link even when not all the code was there.

Have you any other ideas how to work around this please?

Many thanks,


John Tipper 
Alpha Aviation Ltd 
T: +44 7971 077649 | E: address@hidden 
W: www.alpha-aviation.co.uk 

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