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Re: [certi-dev] For Help

From: Eric Noulard
Subject: Re: [certi-dev] For Help
Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 09:00:21 +0200

2011/5/13 LiuPeng <address@hidden>:
> Hi, guys:
>  Sorry for the trouble.I am a newer for the CERTI. And i want to execute an
> HLA simulation using CERTI.Now, I am just Building CERTI on Windows, and i
> have got the CMake VS( vs 2010) project. But when i build the project,i can
> not get the rtig.exe, rtia.exe and some others( .exe).I do not know how to
> deal with this.By the way, I followed the installation instructions,which is
> by Doxygen, and the m4 isn't successful.
>  I want your help.I eagerly waiting for your solutions.Thank you!!!

Hi Rickey,

No ones dare answering your question yet.
I'll try to help but I'm not a windows user so we will have to seek
solution together.

You did say that you are using 64bit windows but which
version of Windows are you using? XP, Vista, Seven ?

Your VS 2010 is it the "express" (free) edition or regular one?

The "normal" build process for CERTI on windows is described here:
but I bet that this is what you followed.

I know that some of us did experienced problem with bison/flex/m4
but it should have been resolved for 3.4.0.

Could you give us more detail:

  0) you said "I followed the installation instructions,which is
                        by Doxygen, and the m4 isn't successful."
      What do you mean "m4" installation did go wrong or
      you get m4 errors when trying to build CERTI ?

   1) Which precise version of Windows+Visual Studio are you using

   2) Does the error occurs when running CMake or when building
       In either case could you give us a snapshot of teh error you get?

   3) try to read
       in order to see whether if your problem looks similar or not.
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