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RE: [certi-dev] FlightGear simulation latency

From: Gotthard, Petr
Subject: RE: [certi-dev] FlightGear simulation latency
Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 16:10:24 +0200

> Concerning dead-reckoning for which I am quite a newbie,
> could one of you explain how the distance between
> "exact/high-fidelity position" and the "extrapolated position" is
> measured?
> I mean the only entity which may compute this is the one which runs
> the high-fidelity model, because otherwise it would require the packet
> for which DR is precisely made for?
> Am I right?

I think, yes.

> example: a simulation with 2 entity planeA and planeB
> planeA is using DR for both the planeB data and its owns data
> along with the 'high-fidelity" model for itself and then compare
> the DR value for itself and the "high-fidelity value" and send
> an update (to planeB) with new high-fidelity values when the
> DR threshold is reached, is that right?

Yes. The planeB then uses the received value(s) and the DR algorithm to
predict the planeA future position. This way the transmission delay A
--> B is eliminated and B can see A in its current position, unless A
makes an unpredicted maneuver.


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