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RE: [certi-dev] CERTI billard test / http_proxy

From: Gotthard, Petr
Subject: RE: [certi-dev] CERTI billard test / http_proxy
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 19:52:25 +0200

Hi Martin,

> Ok, I think today I'm satisfied - look:
>   http://foxtrot.mgras.net/bitmap/FGFS/KDFW-HLA_ASN-c172_01.png
> ....  built from todays FlightGear/CERTI/VirtualAir as of approx. one
> hour before.


> My hopes with CERTI/HLA as an infrastructure for multi-instance
> simulation (aka 'MultiPlayer' ;-)  is to have proper synchronization
> among the involved instances on a local network, thus to reduce
> latency.

I'm not sure. Could you please be more specific on how a synchronization
could reduce the latency?
As you might have noticed, there is currently no synchronization nor
time management in the FlightGear/HLA. I'm afraid that any management
would only make the delays worse because the messages will never be
delivered faster than now. Or am I missing something?

> Now that I know how to use it in general, I'll be going to perform a
> few tests during the next days or so. There are still a few missing
> features with the "VirtualAir" interface, but I consider these to be
> minor priority (simulation of flaps position, livery selection and the
> such).

Implementing the features like flaps, lights or landing gear would be
very simple if there was a mapping between the FlightGear properties and
the ASN FOM http://www.aviationsimnet.com/doc/aviationsimnetV3.1.html

Aren't you by any chance an expert on FlightGear properties? ;-) The
properties are not as simple as I thought.


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