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Re: [CASHeW-s-editor-patches] To XMLs and XMLizable added....

From: Andrew John Hughes
Subject: Re: [CASHeW-s-editor-patches] To XMLs and XMLizable added....
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 00:23:35 +0000

On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 23:43 +0000, Ravish Bhagdev wrote:
> If you check back to auto mails, I have not commited to CVS at all yet.  If 
> you find any commits from me in the last week, send me the auto mail for 
> that or time/date of it if possible.

I did just that before posting (as I would normally attach such commits
to the auto), and didn't see one.  My thought was that it may have gone
wrong, and that was what caused the problem (i.e. half got in, half
didn't), but it seems to be...

> I understand we should not commit to CVS unless it compiles without any 
> problems and am very careful about that.  However,  I have been copying out 
> my code to Roger on his USB key which might be the source of 
> confusion/misunderstanding here, so I will avoid this in future.
...exactly what you say here, as I saw the code on Roger's laptop (he
didn't mention that this was where he obtained it from though, but
instead said it was from a CVS update).  As you may guess, the reason we
have CVS is to avoid having to transport bits and bobs of code around on

Getting things compiled is one thing.  If you can't do this in a single
session, then you're probably doing too much.  It's perfectly fine (and
recommended) to put FIXMEs and TODOs in the code.  You'll see I've done
this in the OWL-S code, as there is no way I would be able to do the lot
in one session.  If nothing else, putting it in CVS allows the rest of
us to see what you're working on.  As Barry said, 'small changes,
frequent commits'.

Moreover, if you're working in Eclipse, it (annoyingly, in my opinion)
compiles as you work.  So, anytime you have none of those wiggly lines
on your code, and no errors down the bottom, you have something
commitable.  You need to be working in smaller chunks, if it really is
taking weeks to having something commitable.  Of course, if you do have
stuff festering locally, it also means you will become out-of-sync with
CVS, and then you will have more problems merging.  Node has changed
several times since this patch, for instance.

> I had problem compiling myself when I updated CVS yesterday which was solved 
> by tweaking the plugin.xml file and I posted note about that right away on 
> the group.  However, if you think I have done anything that may have caused 
> CVS to be not buildable, please inform me so that I can avoid mistakes in 
> future.

Yes -- one of the reasons for the diff posting is that you can spot
these things (as you did, pointing out Roger's erroneous commit).  It
also means that the person doing the committing can review what they've
done before they actually do it, and check that other stuff has not got
roped in.  Remember that if you touch a file locally, and don't want to
commit it, just delete it and do an update -- you will then get a clean
CVS version of the file.

And don't worry, you'll know if you break the build badly -- in this
case, I think its more a case of misinformation from Roger, who had
toXML() in Diagram and not Node.

> - Ravish
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Cheers for all your hard work,
Andrew :-)

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