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RE: [CASHeW-s-editor-patches] To XMLs and XMLizable added....

From: Barry Norton
Subject: RE: [CASHeW-s-editor-patches] To XMLs and XMLizable added....
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 17:18:55 -0000

> Also, I'd like to see more collaboration over the use of CVS.  There
> seem to be lots of divergent versions of our CVS tree around.
> To work on the project, one of us should be able to update, do the
> job and commit.  I don't like the idea that code is festering on
> local trees for long periods.

Agreed: small changes, frequent commits - split up what you have to do
into subtasks, don't try to do a week or two's work all in one go on a
local copy.


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