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Re: [Bug-xorriso] grub-mkrescue does not boot on older Macs as USB stick

From: Alexander E. Patrakov
Subject: Re: [Bug-xorriso] grub-mkrescue does not boot on older Macs as USB stick
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2015 22:50:05 +0500
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25.12.2015 22:44, Andrei Borzenkov пишет:
25.12.2015 20:35, Alexander E. Patrakov пишет:
(all of the testing below was actually performed by Robert Jones, I only
built the ISOs)

25.12.2015 01:17, Andrei Borzenkov пишет:
23.12.2015 22:37, Alexander E. Patrakov пишет:
Bytes 0x3e .. 0x1fe: x86 bootstrap code, which is not executed and thus
is likely not significant.

Wanna bet?

Could you test if the attached patch works for you on newer Mac? Note,
that it still does not detect EFI bootable USB stick if it is inserted
before power on - only when you stop in boot manager and insert stick.

I cannot confirm this finding.

It means fix does not work?

The fix works.

Contrary to your statement, the USB stick works if it is inserted before power on. It also works when you stop in boot manager and insert stick.

The ISOs made before the fix hang the
boot manager if booted from a USB flash drive. The ISOs made with the
fix boot correctly (and show exactly one "EFI Boot" entry) both when
cold-plugged and when hot-plugged.

Please, PLEASE - always make clear, *where* you test it!

The 2007 Mac.

The testing was done with grub commit id a9399f2.

It also still does not boot from the second (unknown) EFI suggested for
CD. But this second choice is also present only when CD is inserted
before power on - it is not shown if CD is inserted in boot manager.

Not tested.

I also do not get "Windows" menu choice on USB. May be because there is
no active partition.

Correction: this only applies to the 2007 Mac. Other models not tested.

Even if I add a one-sector bootable partition of type 0 (as done by
xorriso 1.4.3 with -DLibisofs_protective_msdos_plus_boot_dummY
-DLibisofs_pmpbd_on_lba0), it doesn't show "Windows" when booted from USB.

But your screenshots you posted earlier had it. I wonder what is the
difference (not that I care about legacy boot, but the more we
understand the better).

Are you referring to screenshots at https://goo.gl/photos/GRS5khE8r7Xgat9L8 ? They are from the 2012 Mac model. There was another statement from me about the Windows boot option, and it also was about the 2012 model.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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