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Re: [Bug-XBoard] Gpsshogi don't work

From: Sam Daille
Subject: Re: [Bug-XBoard] Gpsshogi don't work
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2019 11:34:44 +0200

I have forgotten one thing : if you can explain me how to compil Bonanza using the files on your website, it will be nice of you. At first sight, it seems complicated to me...

Le jeu. 11 juil. 2019 à 11:06, Sam Daille <address@hidden> a écrit :
I made few trials and I discovered :

* that shokidoki certainly had a compilation problem : when I entered it in the prompt command, it's unknown, unlike gpshsogi (my ubuntu is xenial, 16, which is far from 10) ;

* that gpsshogi can't be opened step by step as you suggested (when I put usi, it says usi, and so on) ;

* that sjaakii don't work when I change the lines in .xboardrc (so maybe I did a wrong thing ; the other engines don't work, but I expected it) ;

* that (which may explain my problems) polyglot wasn't installed on my computer...

So I'm going to try again with polyglot installed, and I'll say if it works (I hope).

Le mer. 10 juil. 2019 à 10:02, <address@hidden> a écrit :
Op Wo, 10 juli, 2019 8:27 am schreef Sam Daille:
> Thanks, I misunderstood the UCI/USI problem, now it's clearer.
> I installed uci2wb (and sjaakii and shokidoki), but the problem remains :
>  when I changed the lines -adapterCommand -uxiAdapter on my .xboardrc (by
>  the prompt command or in hand), gpshsogi or shokidoki don't work (but
> sjakii work without this change, and it plays better than gnushogi indeed
>  ^_^).

OK, one thing at the time...

It is strange that Shokidoki doesn't work; this is not a USI engine, so
the adapter commands should not matter for it, and you should be able to
run it simply by "xboard -fcp shokidoki" from the command line (if the
shokidoki binary is installed in a directory that is in your path, like
/usr/local/bin/), or "xboard -fcp ./shokidoki" if it is in the current
directory. Like sjaakii.

Shokidoki is closed source, so I only distribute the binary, which I
compiled on my own Linux VM. Problem might be that this was an Ubuntu
10.04 machine, and that this is now so outdated that binaries from there
so not work anymore on recent Ubuntus. Perhaps you could try to run it
from the command line directly (i.e. wiythout XBoard), through
"./shokidoki", and then type

protover 2

to see if and how it responds?

For GPS Shogi the same problem could apply. So the first step here would
also be to try to run it from the command line, thoughe the command
"gpsshogi". (Or perhaps "./gpsshogi", depending on where it was installed.
I will assume in the following that the required command is simply
"gpsshogi".) If it starts you should type the line


to it, and see if it responds by printing some "option name ..." lines
followed by "usiok". And after that type "isready", to which it should
respond with "readyok".

If this works the next step would be to test it in combination with
UCI2WB, through the command "uci2wb -s gpsshogi .", and type

protover 2

This should make it print a number of 'feature' lines ending with "feature
done=1". Typing

memory 64
variant shogi
level 40 5 0
time 10000

to it should set it thinking, and finally print a move.

If this does work the problem must be in the interaction with XBoard. To
fiugure that out, first change the -uxiAdapter in the .xboardrc file to

-uxiAdapter {uci2wb debug -%variant "%fcp" "%fd"}

and start XBoard with the command

xboard -variant shogi -fcp gpsshogi -fUSI -debug

The inclusion of the extra 'debug' options should make UCI2WB report
everything it does to XBoard, and make XBoard save all communication with
UCI2WB on a file xboard.debug in the current directory. If things get
stuck, just quit XBoard and attach that file to the e-mail so I can see
what is going on.

> I noticed that in the .xboardrc there wasn't first an -uxiAdapter line,
> so maybe this line is useless ? Or maybe there is another problem in the
> settings ?

The -uxiAdapter setting specifies which command XBoard should issue for an
engine that was accompanied by the option -fUSI / -sUSI. Where words
starting with '%' refer to the value of the XBoard option with the
corresponding name. XBoard has no hard-coded default for this, so if it
was not set to a value in the master settings file, it will be defined as
empty string, and the -fUSI/-sUSI option (and USI/UCCI checkbox in the
menu dialog, which add that option) would not work. This was originally
the case, as the .xboardrc you mailed me contained

-adapterCommand 'polyglot -noini -ec "%fcp" -ed "%fd" -uci
NalimovCache=%defaultCacheSizeEGTB -pg ShowTbHits=true'
-uxiAdapter ""

which has it as an empty string. From the point-of-view of Ubuntu package
distribution that makes sense, as when you have not installed UCI2WB yet
it could not work anyway. Ideally installing of UCI2WB would automatically
set the -uxiAdapter in XBoard's settings to use it (as in theory there
could be other USI adapters that you could have installed instead). The
UCI2WB install procedure might not be smart enough to do that, though.
This is why I wrote you should check it first.

You can see that originally the -adapterCommand (used for engines that
specify -fUCI) originally was set to use Polyglot, which is a Chess-only
adapter for UCI (and should also be installed as a separate Ubuntu package
before the -fUCI option can work). UCI2WB should be able to do the job as
well, though, but there is no harm in having both UCI2WB and Polyglot on
your system, so there isn't really any need to change -adapterCommand as
long as you have Polyglot installed. This pertains to the problem of
running Stockfish.

> I joined you a copy of my .xboardrc, it may help.
> Le mar. 9 juil. 2019 à 17:43, <address@hidden> a écrit :
>> Neither Stockfish nor GPS Shogi support XBoard protocol; they can only
>> be used on XBoard with the aid of an adapter. Stockfish communicates in
>> UCI,
>> and GPS Shogi in USI. The UCI2WB adapter can handle both these
>> protocols. So to use these engines you have to
>> 1) install uci2wb on your computer,
>> 2) make sure xboard is configured to use UCI2WB as adapter rather than
>> Polyglot,
>> 3) use the -fUCI or -fUSI options when starting XBoard from the command
>> line, (e.g. "xboard -fcp stockfish -fUCI"), or tick the UCI or USI/UCCI
>> checkbox when you embed the engine through the Load Engine dialog.
>> To make sure step (2) is realized you could open the .xboardrc file
>> (where
>> the user settings for XBoard are saved) in your home directory with a
>> text editor, and look at the value of the -adapterCommand and
>> -uxiAdapter. The
>> value for these should be
>> -adapterCommand {uci2wb "%fcp" "%fd"}
>> -uxiAdapter {uci2wb -%variant "%fcp" "%fd"}
>> Only if this would not work there would be a genuine problem.
>> Note that GNUshogi is so buggy that it plays like total crap, and can
>> randomly decide to overlook even mate in 1. There are a number of
>> engines that are able to play decent Shogi on XBoard without adapter,
>> though; in order of increasing strength these are Sjaak II, CrazyWa,
>> Shokidoki and
>> Bonanza (the XBoard version in my on-line repository
>> http://hgm.nubati.net/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi ). I am not sure the latter
>> would be weaker than GPS Shogi.
>> Op Di, 9 juli, 2019 5:09 pm schreef Sam Daille:
>>> Hello.
>>> I'm on Ubuntu Xenial and I installed Xboard to play chess and shogi,
>>> but :
>>> * Gpsshogi don't work (it never plays) when I open Xboard with it
>>> (-variant
>>> shogi -fcp gpsshogi)
>>> * Stockfish don't work when I open xboard with it (-fcp stockfish),
>>> it don't want to play and exit when I try to force it to move now, but
>>> this bug is well-known : http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?56024
>>> I tried to limit the reflexion time and to change the size of the
>>> board, but no way.
>>> Do you have some ideas to suggest to me ? I'm ready to try anything
>>> (because Gnushogi on Xshogi is really to weak for me...)
>>> Thanks a lot.
>>> Sam
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