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[Bug-XBoard] Gpsshogi don't work

From: Sam Daille
Subject: [Bug-XBoard] Gpsshogi don't work
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2019 17:09:09 +0200


I'm on Ubuntu Xenial and I installed Xboard to play chess and shogi, but :

* Gpsshogi don't work (it never plays) when I open Xboard with it (-variant shogi -fcp gpsshogi)

* Stockfish don't work when I open xboard with it (-fcp stockfish), it don't want to play and exit when I try to force it to move now, but this bug is well-known :

I tried to limit the reflexion time and to change the size of the board, but no way.

Do you have some ideas to suggest to me ? I'm ready to try anything (because Gnushogi on Xshogi is really to weak for me...)

Thanks a lot.


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