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[Bug-XBoard] xboard polyglot error

From: Srdja Matovic
Subject: [Bug-XBoard] xboard polyglot error
Date: Sun, 15 May 2016 09:54:38 +0200
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Recently my xboard on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 throws an error when starting an UCI engine via polyglot.

Tried version 4.7.3 from repository and 4.8.0 self compile, testwise removed .xboardrc and xboard.conf and reinstalled, no luck.

xboard: Error: first chess program (polyglot -noini -ec "/home/srdja/Projects/chess/bin/stockfish7" -ed "/home/srdja/Projects/chess/bin/" -uci NalimovCache=4) exited unexpectedly

When starting polyglot itself, it looks alright...

polyglot -noini -ec "/home/srdja/Projects/chess/bin/stockfish7" -ed "/home/srdja/Projects/chess/bin/" -uci NalimovCache=4,PolyGlot 1.4.67b by Fabien Letouzey.
id name Stockfish 7 64
id author T. Romstad, M. Costalba, J. Kiiski, G. Linscott
option name Write Debug Log type check default false

I surely installed some updates recently, not sure which could have such an effect...any suggestions?


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