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[Bug-XBoard] Remote shell problems

From: PeteVine
Subject: [Bug-XBoard] Remote shell problems
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 13:34:05 +0100

I've encountered the following problem with playing engines via ssh. The
only engine that gives me no trouble is crafty. Others behave like this:
everything starts up fine, I can make a first move to which the programs
reply successfully but as soon I make a second move I get :
xboard: Error: first chess program (/home/petevine/arasan/arasan) exited
unexpectedly xboard: Error writing to first chess program: Broken pipe
xboard: Error writing to first chess program: Broken pipe

If the colours are reversed, the situation repeats itself as soon as
it's the machine's turn to make a second move. 
What prompted me to ask for help here  is the fact that today I've found
out the described behaviour also occurs with a windows engine run in
WINE. Perhaps it's completely unrelated but in both situations we have
command1 engine-command (eg. ssh engine-command or wine
engine-command) so perhaps it's not a coincidence. Any suggestions would
be appreciated.


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