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[Bug-XBoard] Suggestion, not a bug...

From: Coit, James Joseph (UMR-Student)
Subject: [Bug-XBoard] Suggestion, not a bug...
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 14:18:56 -0600

I'm a long-time user of WinBoard and Xboard, and I wanted to make a
suggestion for future versions.  For all I know, my suggestion could
already be on the ToDo list.  I tried looking at the "Ongoing work on
future versions" link from your webpage, but Savannah was down.  

Seeing as how Thief 1.1 is no longer actively being developed, and
javaboard is not very robust, my suggestion is to implement a graphical
piece bank.  When playing crazyhouse/bughouse I LOVE the right-click
drop-down menu to place pieces.  No other interface has this ability
that I know of.  The problem is that WinBoard/Xboard currently makes it
difficult to quickly see what pieces you have (the title bar only has
characters).  Even if it were an option that was not default...I'd love
to see the pieces I have to place sitting next to the board (similar to
how javaboard does it) only still allowing me either right-click and
drop using that method or drag-drop as Thief currently allows.  Also,
I'm sure the bughouse/crazyhouse community would appreciate another
viable interface.


James Coit

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