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[Bug-XBoard] Winboard inst. problem.

From: Donny Karjalainen
Subject: [Bug-XBoard] Winboard inst. problem.
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 11:18:37 +0200


I had dificulties installing Winboard.
The following errors occured:

"System error: Cannot read from drive D." 


"Setup Initialization Error: Setup has detected that uninstallShield is in use. 
Please close uninst.Shld. and restart setup. Error 432."

Is there a way to avoid these? I have windos 2000 active directory under me, 
and I'm trying to install it in "my documents" that is in the mainserver. I 
have mapped the folder as virtual drive, but no help there.

With best regards.
Donny Karjalainen

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