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[bug #61038] Windows post fails to post files over 65536 bytes,

From: Tim Ruehsen
Subject: [bug #61038] Windows post fails to post files over 65536 bytes,
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2022 07:29:28 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #7, bug #61038 (project wget):

On the first glimpse, https://github.com/rockdaboot/wget2/issues/256 is

But then it seems that the poll/select function on Windows sometimes reports
"ready to read" but the next read returns 0 bytes read. (Wget2 used
non-blocking I/O).

Wget uses blocking I/O - but that doesn't matter. I assume that a read also
sometimes reports 0 bytes.

Now this issue is about POST, so mainly write() functionality. I *assume* we
might see the same or similar thing here as well, that write()/send() returns
0 and wget stops.

I never saw this behavior on native Linux nor with Wine emulation.
Also, testing on my wife's Win11 laptop never showed this behavior.

The aforementioned GH issue 256 contains two links to a statically wget2
binary. Please feel free to test with these binaries in order to reproduce the
issue and report on that bug if possible.
More information may lead to a fix in gnulib which also affects wget1.x (just
needs a recompilation then).


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