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Re: Wget

From: Tim Rühsen
Subject: Re: Wget
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2022 10:56:00 +0100
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I guess nobody even tries to reproduce the issue as nobody uses XP or the old wget 1.11.4. For example, I don't even have a Windows license and thus no Windows installed.

To get better feedback from other users, I would suggest

- update to the latest wget (hundreds of bugs have been fixed meanwhile). Static binaries for 32/64 bit Windows can be found at https://eternallybored.org/misc/wget/.

- try to reproduce the problem with a minimal set of command line options (else others have to do that, and that will costs other people's time)

- provide exact steps to reproduce

Without the above, me and others can only guess what is happening.

E.g. pressing reboot may result in unwanted bytes in a file and an inconsistent file system. Download continuation is based on the file size, not the contents. Wget has no possibility to see if the existing file contents are correct or not - it can only see if bytes are missing and download+append the missing bytes. Wget also doesn't see if the file on the server has been changed or not.

In short: continuation is not reliable.
If you need a byte-exact download, make sure the provider (server) also provides a checksum so that you can verify your downloaded file. Without it, better don't use -c.

Also think of possible MITM attacks: try to avoid plain text HTTP - use HTTPS instead.

Regards, Tim

On 21.01.22 04:03, Дмитрий Дмитрий wrote:
I am russian.
Excuse me for my English.

I used old version wget-1.11.4 several years ago.
I noticed what sometimes happens download errors.
Wget incorrect getting continue a partially-downloaded file (option -c).

I had two versions this error.
In one case several bites were incorrect.
In other case was change size of file. File got other size (more or less as 
original size).
This happened when wget was close reboot of computer (reboots'button).
Wget could not correct continue download a file.
Errors didn't happen always.

Because of it if I didn't have checksum (md5 for example) I must downloaded 
files two time.
And compared its.

About it I wrote here.
I think I was not understanded.
When You don't understand me - let's ask me.

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