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bug#18920: Parted always chooses the logical sector size.

From: dE
Subject: bug#18920: Parted always chooses the logical sector size.
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2014 08:58:17 +0530
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On 11/04/14 22:10, Brian C. Lane wrote:
On Tue, Nov 04, 2014 at 08:26:24PM +0530, dE wrote:
On 11/04/14 03:24, Brian C. Lane wrote:
Assuming you are talking about linux -- parted uses the logical sector
size returned by the kernel, which gets it from the drive.  We don't set
to 512 arbitrarily. So if there is an actual problem it should be
reported against the kernel.

Yes, the kernel reports both -- the logical and the physical. Parted knows
about it, it shows both the logical and physical sector size, but then also
it uses the logical sector size. It should not. There must be an option at
least, and I suggest it should be made the default otherwise the partitions
may start unaligned.
Can you cite specific instances of problems using the logical size?
Every tool that I am aware of uses it. As for not aligning parted
defaults to 1MiB so unless you are forcing it to a specific sector you
aren't going to see an issue.

Yeah, I'm forcing to a specific sector.

And in case you're doing that, this can cause some serious issues.

Besides the 512 sector size was included for compatibility purposes. So parted using that is pointless.

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