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bug#18920: Parted always chooses the logical sector size.

From: Brian C. Lane
Subject: bug#18920: Parted always chooses the logical sector size.
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2014 13:54:18 -0800
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On Sun, Nov 02, 2014 at 02:37:09PM +0530, dE wrote:
> On 11/02/14 02:46, Phillip Susi wrote:
> >Hash: SHA512
> >
> >On 11/01/2014 07:10 AM, dE wrote:
> >>Can someone please add an option to set the sector size to custom
> >>or/and the physical sector size?
> >Why?  Not using the correct sector size doesn't make sense and will
> >result in incorrect operation.
> >
> >
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> >iQEcBAEBCgAGBQJUVU26AAoJENRVrw2cjl5RVygH/i6tpaWM2gTYL8bIBfgs4fdH
> >v//RTXsaZt+NjMN+CFDqITn+/T6gMlIrmYqAenG/Sk57Oncyd1wC2Sjv/x3N8Ggn
> >p3s7GzOHGaqYmp7bTPnVLCud08MB6qfycL2reeMj3BlspceDVGOhMY0fdz8SYtBI
> >YkYisLBlT33P6xlnF66BqWci8EAe1qVOV2LyfHgNS9UqaWRX8siE41IoXvcXqbCX
> >fMckf/aw1N+eqIswl9QxmLqT8p422T08EMKbgg83jmaBOYzwVV4bCW/ktMU9b0Im
> >qWh1QwrrnbCNxqqf/0jsX4VrS28GivTFOQVq20wHtOiWzBVemy4HiHRS6n7lr44=
> >=X5Tq
> >-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
> Yes, on a 4K disk, choosing 512 bytes sector size is bad. This's what parted
> does as of the current time cause it chooses the logical sector size instead
> of physical.

Assuming you are talking about linux -- parted uses the logical sector
size returned by the kernel, which gets it from the drive.  We don't set
to 512 arbitrarily. So if there is an actual problem it should be
reported against the kernel.

Brian C. Lane | Anaconda Team | IRC: bcl #anaconda | Port Orchard, WA (PST8PDT)

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