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Re: incomplete terminfo for foot-terminal

From: Jonas Große Sundrup
Subject: Re: incomplete terminfo for foot-terminal
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 23:28:38 +0100


thanks for the reply! I do admit, however, that you confused me.

On 2021-11-12, Thomas Dickey wrote:
>       tsl=\E]2;,

is both used by alacritty as well as foot as well as kitty, and
ncurses includes it into the respective terminfos for alacritty and
kitty, the python module returns them properly on request. So I don't
understand quite yet why these sequences are valid for alacritty as
well as for kitty, but not for foot, although foot uses the exact same

>       dsl=\E]0;\007, fsl=^G, tsl=\E]0;, TS=\E]0;,
> xterm+sl-twm|access X title line (pacify twm-descended window
> managers), hs,
>       dsl=\E]2;\007, fsl=^G, tsl=\E]2;, TS=\E]2;,

I'm not exactly sure what this should indicate, especially as tsl and
TS look identical here? Could you rephrase what you wanted to say?


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