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incomplete terminfo for foot-terminal

From: Jonas Große Sundrup
Subject: incomplete terminfo for foot-terminal
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 20:29:51 +0100


I recently ran into an issue with the foot terminal in combination with
the terminal file manager ranger.

ranger has the option to adjust the terminal title according to the
current directory, which does work fine on foot.
However, with the terminfo shipped with ncurses it doesn't work,
becauese apparently it doesn't indicate that foot supports tsl
and fsl.

In particular, curses.tigetstr('tsl') as well as curses.tigetstr('fsl')
from the curses-python-module report None, whereas they do report  a
proper sequence when I use the terminfo provided by upstream.

Hence I assume that the terminfo shipped with ncurses for foot is
incomplete. Is there any way to send a patch to fix that or do you
prefer to fix that directly?


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