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Interfacing with GPM

From: Bryan Christ
Subject: Interfacing with GPM
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2019 21:21:20 -0500

I'm dusting off some code I wrote several years ago and looking to clean it up.  It's currently coded to use GPM directly which means that I have to look at gpm_fd to determine if the program is running in xterm or not.  I'm wondering if the state of affairs have changed with gpm and ncurses.  My 3 goals would be to:

1. Stop using gpm directly.  In a worst case scenario, I would dlopen() / dlsym() some things but ncurses is already doing that so it seems a bit redundant.

2. GPM copy / paste behavior needs to be suppressed but even with mousemask wide open, I can't seem to find a "ncurses way" of suppressing that.

3. Needing to get mouse coords during a drag (button down) event.

Again, to achieve #2 & #3 in the past I had to interface with GPM directly.

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