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Effect of CSI IRM on other control sequences

From: Bryan Christ
Subject: Effect of CSI IRM on other control sequences
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2019 21:05:53 -0500

Can anyone tell me what is the effect of IRM ( smir / rmir ) on any other control sequences?  For example, many ncurses programs seem to emit a DCH to produce a left-ward scrolling effect ( a great example is 'sl' )  I assumed that in replace mode, DCH would simply clobber the character(s) and leave everything else on the downstream line unaffected.  However, when I allow that behavior to be the case, those programs generally don't seem to render correctly ( leaving artifacts behind ).  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find any canonical information on IRM as it relates to DCH ( or any other possibly affected control sequence ).  From my experimentation, I assume that a DCH sequences always drags downstream characters left-ward but am ultimately unsure.


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