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Are there two families of escapes sequences?

From: Patrick
Subject: Are there two families of escapes sequences?
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 22:05:09 -0400
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Hi Everyone

I've been reading quite a bit and making progress understanding ncurses, terminals, locales, UTF-8, gpm etc..

I have a mouse enabled application running right under fbterm, just on top of the Linux tty, UTF enabled.

I am still having some trouble with color under fbterm but like all of my other problems I am sure it is a matter of configuration.

I found a script called 256colors2.pl which is widely available on the net.

It is not displaying colors right for me. I piped it's output to a file and it looks like:


where the <ESC> is unprintable

I also found a shell script and it is displaying correctly:
for x in 0 1 4 5 7 8; do for i in `seq 30 37`; do for a in `seq 40 47`; do echo -ne "\e[$x;$i;$a""m\\\e[$x;$i;$a""m\e[0;37;40m "; done; echo; done; done; echo "";

and when it's output is piped to a file it looks like:


again, where the <ESC> is unprintable

The two formats differ. Are there two families of escape sequences ? One seems to fail the other is okay.

I have tried to search but it's not easy as the escape values seem to be meaningless to search engines and pages such as wikipedia's don't seem to offer any links to a second family of escape sequences.

If anyone could point me to a tutorial, I would really love to read up on this so I can debug my own problems better.


P.S I wanted to mention that my idea about collecting cols and lines from xcb when under X is not that great. gpm will call xlib if it is running under X. It would be better to patch the gpm code then to re-invent the wheel.

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