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ncurses-5.7 infinite loop in tic due to bogon in terminfo.src

From: Andrew Ghali
Subject: ncurses-5.7 infinite loop in tic due to bogon in terminfo.src
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 14:31:51 -1000
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The modification of entry "konsole-xf4x" and/or the addition of "konsole+pcfkeys" broke terminfo.src in version 5.7 so that tic spins forever. This patch works fine for me, though it loses "konsole+pcfkeys" but I don't need it.


--- terminfo.src_5.7    2009-04-28 13:17:21.000000000 -1000
+++ terminfo.src_5.7_not_suck    2009-04-28 13:16:57.000000000 -1000
@@ -3708,8 +3532,7 @@
konsole-xf4x|KDE console window with keyboard for XFree86 4.x xterm,
-       kend=\EOF, khome=\EOH, use=konsole+pcfkeys,
-       use=konsole-vt100,
-# Konsole does not implement shifted cursor-keys.
-konsole+pcfkeys|konsole subset of xterm+pcfkeys,
-       kLFT@, kRIT@, kcbt=\E[Z, kind@, kri@, kDN@, kUP@, use=xterm+pcc2,
-       use=xterm+pcf0,
+       kend=\EOF, kf1=\EOP, kf13=\EO2P, kf14=\EO2Q, kf15=\EO2R,
+       kf16=\EO2S, kf17=\E[15;2~, kf18=\E[17;2~, kf19=\E[18;2~,
+       kf2=\EOQ, kf20=\E[19;2~, kf21=\E[20;2~, kf22=\E[21;2~,
+       kf23=\E[23;2~, kf24=\E[24;2~, kf3=\EOR, kf4=\EOS,
+       khome=\EOH, use=konsole-vt100,
# KDE's "vt100" keyboard has no relationship to any terminal that DEC made, but

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