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RE: how to avoid ncurses for a small app.

From: chinlu chinawa
Subject: RE: how to avoid ncurses for a small app.
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 20:39:25 +0100 (BST)

>ncurses reads a data structure from the file; it's in

>used in the read_entry.c file and (mostly(*)) 
>documented in the term (7) manpage.

Hello Thomas,

As you said, this is a bit difficult, but really
interesting though. I've been looking at this, and
there are a few things I'd like to ask you.

First, given the terminfo's format described in (5)
term, and read_entry.c, I don't undestand is why one
can't see any big-endian/little-endian code-switching

As far as I understand it, I'm supossed to provide
support for terminfo's database retrieval independent
of host's target endiannes, no? 

Secondly, in term of terminfo/termios, given this
structure from asm/termbits.h:

#define NCCS 19
struct termios {
        tcflag_t c_iflag; /* input mode flags */
        tcflag_t c_oflag; /* output mode flags */
        tcflag_t c_cflag; /* control mode flags */
        tcflag_t c_lflag; /* local mode flags */
        cc_t c_line;      /* line discipline */
        cc_t c_cc[NCCS];  /* control characters */

Am I supossed to fill c_cc with the respective control
chars from the terminfo database, and then perform an
TCSETS ioctl?

If I'm undestanding it ok, doing it so plus setting
the correct flags on the other structure's members,
input might be handled as I expect despite of which
terminfo database the TERM environment variable points

Kind Regards,


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