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how to avoid ncurses for a small app.

From: chinlu chinawa
Subject: how to avoid ncurses for a small app.
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 04:02:29 +0100


I'm starting to program in assembler with gas, and I'd like any expert to advise me on how dificult it could be manage terminfo or termcap database directly.

The application I'm in development of, requires user interaction, although very basic. Letting the user to be able to type ascii text and delete it without getting any control sequences chars, should be enough for this score.

Preferrably, my app. should behave the same whether it's accessed from within a xterm or a tty, if possible. I'd say ncurses is not needed in this situation, although I could be very wrong as well.

I've never gotten into this sort of things, and wouldn't know where to start from, so any comments, pointers or advises would me much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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