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Re: [bug-mes] ARM mes on wip-arm - Other test failures

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: Re: [bug-mes] ARM mes on wip-arm - Other test failures
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2019 01:15:30 +0100

> FAIL: lib/tests/scaffold/60-math.c [invalid argument]
> FAIL: lib/tests/stdio/70-printf-simple.c
> FAIL: lib/tests/stdio/70-printf.c
> FAIL: lib/tests/scaffold/76-pointer-arithmetic.c [has no case for __arm__]
> FAIL: lib/tests/scaffold/7k-for-each-elem.c [has no case for __arm__]
> FAIL: lib/tests/scaffold/7l-struct-any-size-array-simple.c

char is unsigned on ARM by default.  Can be changed by gcc option 

The C standard is intentionally vague there, so it probably should be made to 
work fine with unsigned-by-default char, too, instead.

> FAIL: lib/tests/scaffold/7r-sign-extend.c [a char with value -129 ? Is that 
> valid C?  In any case, more fundamental things are broken]
> FAIL: lib/tests/setjmp/80-setjmp.c [not implemented for __arm__]
> FAIL: lib/tests/scaffold/85-sizeof.c [has no case for __arm__]
> FAIL: lib/tests/dirent/90-readdir.c [can open nonexistent directory]

It's opening a regular file as a directory and succeeding (?).

> FAIL: lib/tests/io/90-stat.c [no case for __arm__]
> FAIL: lib/tests/mes/90-dtoab.c [problem with negative floating point numbers]
> FAIL: lib/tests/signal/90-signal.c [signal handler doesn't get called]
> XFAIL: lib/tests/stdio/90-sprintf.c

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