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[bug #48643] Irrelevant targets can confuse make on which pattern rule t

From: Dmitry Goncharov
Subject: [bug #48643] Irrelevant targets can confuse make on which pattern rule to select.
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2021 21:01:24 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #22, bug #48643 (project make):

> If I add a note when we start the compatibility check, it shows up here
(obviously we'd pick a more informative note if we added this):
> I guess it's appropriate here but it seemed odd to me.

i also think, it is appropriate here.
Does the message seem better if it says e.g.

"No implicit rule found to build 'hello.o'.
Trying compatibility search due to explicit prerequisite 'hello.tsk'."

> I wonder how many existing build systems would trigger this note?

When this behavior was modified in 2009 there were 5 bug reports listed in

i am less concerned that existing makefiles, which rely on compatibility
search, trigger this new message.

My main concern is the makefiles which never relied on the old definition of
ought-to-exist. Those makefile (or brand new ones) can accidentally fall
victims of compatibility search, because compatibility search is enabled by
default and it is silent.

When i maintain a makefile, i definitely do not want to depend on
compatibility search and would appreciate if make gave me a hint whenever such
dependency is introduced.

Such a message could be enabled by default.

Alternatively, we can introduce a flag e.g. '--warn-compatibility-search' or
i like 'disable' better than 'warn', because 'disable' would cause make to
exit with an error on the 1st failed prerequisite. 'Warn', on the other hand,
would cause make to print the same message multiple times (once for every
i also suspect, that most users won't enable such flag, should we add one.


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