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[bug #48643] Irrelevant targets can confuse make on which pattern rule t

From: Steven Simpson
Subject: [bug #48643] Irrelevant targets can confuse make on which pattern rule to select.
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2021 23:51:12 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #16, bug #48643 (project make):

[comment #15 comment #15:]
> If patch-v1 is applied and released, then users will start writing
> makefiles which depend on this feature.  This will slow down make,
> including for those users who do not even use this feature.

> Once this feature is released, it will be very difficult to undo.

> Let us say hello.c and hello.tsk are missing and consider the
> following example.
> Example 5.
> ++++
> all: hello.tsk
> %.tsk: %.c; gcc -o $@ $<
> .DEFAULT:; echo 'int main() {}' > $@
> unrelated: hello.c
> ----
> Here, make chooses rule '%.tsk: %.c' to build hello.tsk, because
> hello.c is mentioned on an unrelated rule.  Make then finds the
> default rule to build hello.c. Both make-4.3 and dgfix support example
> 5. Patch-v1 fails example 5.
This seems more compelling.

> I attempted to modify the search algorithm to support all the possible
> use cases and concluded that the most reliable and the simplest is the
> algorithm that performs compatibility search, presented above.
> We can reason that the compatibility search supports all uses cases
> that make-4.3 supports, because compatibility search is the same as
> the current search of make-4.3.

> i hope, this demonstrates that there are other differences.
It does.  You've convinced me that accepting 'unrelated' rules needs to
continue to be supported, and your patch does that.  Thanks!


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