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Re: target name 'driver' problem

From: Henning Makholm
Subject: Re: target name 'driver' problem
Date: 11 Dec 2001 22:51:24 +0100

Scripsit Sam Clanton <address@hidden>

> driver:
>       cd driver && $(MAKE)

> make, or 'make driver' completely fail to activate the rules for
> 'driver', it ALWAYS responds with " 'driver' is up to date "

Since there are no dependencies, the command only gets run
if there is no file named driver. And remember that in un*x, a
directory is a file! Hence no reason to run the rule.

Solution: Read the node "Phony Targets" in the GNU make manual,
and add

.PHONY: driver

to your Makefile. Then make will always pretend that no file named
driver exists.

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