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target name 'driver' problem

From: Sam Clanton
Subject: target name 'driver' problem
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 13:44:22 -0800


I may be doing something wrong here, but using gnu make 3.79.1, if I define a 
target name "driver", things don't work.  Here's a makefile:
all: default 

default: driver gui

gui: guimf
        cd gui && $(MAKE)

guimf: gui/ssfrcontrol.pro
        cd gui && tmake ssfrcontrol.pro > Makefile && cd .. 

        cd driver && $(MAKE)

nossfr: gui nossfrdriver

        cd driver && $(MAKE) nossfr
make, or 'make driver' completely fail to activate the rules for 'driver', it 
ALWAYS responds with " 'driver' is up to date "

It always works correctly for the "gui" target.

If I change the target name of 'driver' to 'drpepper', it works fine.    
There is a directory named 'driver' which I am compiling from, but no other 
files with base filename 'driver'. 

Sorry for wasting your time if I'm just doing something stupid here.  

Sam Clanton
NASA Ames Research Center, M/S 245-4
Moffett Field, CA 94035

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