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Re: [bug-mailutils] v2.1 build failure

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: [bug-mailutils] v2.1 build failure
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 20:36:15 +0300

Hi Simon,

> I'm building it to setup a IMAP server with SCRAM-SHA-1 support via GNU
> SASL.  I'm running into a build error:

Probably you are compiling without GNU readline support, aren't you?
Try the following patch:

diff --git a/mail/mail.h b/mail/mail.h
index 7eeb600..d9950b0 100644
--- a/mail/mail.h
+++ b/mail/mail.h
@@ -476,6 +476,7 @@ extern char **exec_compl (int argc, char **argv, int ws);
 # define alias_compl NULL
 # define var_compl NULL
 # define exec_compl NULL     
+# define mailvar_set_compl NULL
 #ifdef __cplusplus


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