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Re: problems with "mail"

From: Jordi Mallach
Subject: Re: problems with "mail"
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 15:45:37 +0100
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On Thu, Mar 28, 2002 at 11:27:39AM +0200, Sergey Poznyakoff wrote:
> To solve the problems I'll need some more infomation about your system.
> What I need to know is:
>    1. Are the environment variables MAIL and FOLDER set? If they
> are, which are their values.

None of them are set.

>    2. Which are the permissions of your mailspool directory.

65932:address@hidden:~$ ll /var/mail/jordi
-rw-rw----    1 jordi    mail       348444 Mar 28 15:38 /var/mail/jordi

>    3. If -f argument to mail points to an existing mailbox in
> your homedir, e.g.: mail -f~/mbox, is it able to
> read the mailbox? To test this you may copy your system mailbox over
> to your homedir and try to open it there.

65936:address@hidden:~$ cp /var/mail/jordi mbox
65937:address@hidden:~$ mail -f~jordi/mbox
mail (mailutils) 0.0.9c, Copyright (C) 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
mail is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
For details type `warranty'.
Send bug reports to <address@hidden>.
zsh: segmentation fault  mail -f~jordi/mbox

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