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Re: rfc822 date handling in imap4d/util.c

From: Alain Magloire
Subject: Re: rfc822 date handling in imap4d/util.c
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 09:48:52 -0400 (EDT)

> Bonjour,
> > This appears to be becomeing the official GNU mailutils greeting, so
> > what do you guys think? Fight the unilingualism of POP3 servers!
> <..snip..>
> > +  fprintf (ofile, "+OK Bonjour, POP3 Ready %s\r\n", md5shared);
> Je suis d'accord. Votre avis, Alain? Mieux vaudrait mettre:
> > +  fprintf (ofile, "+OK Bonjour, POP3 est pret %s\r\n", md5shared)
> mais ici nous manquons le circonflexe...


I can go with "Bonjour", puisque c'est un clin d'oeil (wink).

But we are going to provide I18N.  I'll contact Franc,ois Pinard 
once the stability of the GNU mailutils is reach, so

  fprintf (ofile, "+OK Bonjour, POP3 Ready %s\r\n", md5shared);

will be changed for :

  fprintf (ofile, _("+OK Bonjour, POP3 Ready %s\r\n"), md5shared);

But it this case it will have to be

  fprintf (ofile, "+OK Bonjour");
  fprintf (ofile, _("POP3 Ready");
  fprintf (ofile, "%s\r\n"), md5shared);

Althought tempting, it is touchy to bring I18N
to the daemon.  The protocol must be respected.  Some translator
might try to change "+OK" for "+Correct"  8-).

The point is may not be simple to do I18N for the daemon nor
it is recommanded.

Since GNU gettext is going through some changes by Bruno Haible
It's probably better to wait a while.
> >   Pulled the code out so it could be linked by imap4d, since imap4d's
> >   implementation of this had sscanf bugs, and was essentially identical.
> > 
> >   It should be prototyped, but I don't know what the plan for sharing
> >   this kind of stuff is.
> It would be very useful to have extern imap_envelope_date() function,
> but it seems you have forgotten the attachment :(

It should be the other way around.  Having a
parse822_date () or something and make imap_envelope_date () use it.
imap_xxx () should not be exported.


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